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I purchased a Genuine Warranty extended warranty for a 2006 Range Rover thru Warranties 4 Wheels, who sells these worthless policies. I paid $3200 for that policy. I also decided to purchase another Genuine Warranty policy for another car and paid $2200 for that one. The sales representative at Warranties 4 Wheels told me that both policies cover everything that the manufacturer's warranty would cover. However, she never told me that you... Read more

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Warranties 4 Wheels http://www.warranties4wheels.com did a fantastic job for me on coverage on my BMW. I called them all, Continental, Warranty Direct, Auto Warranty Broker, AA Auto Warranty and they all high pressured me into buying coverage I did not want or need. Stacy at W4W took the time to explain everything to me, sent me the contract to review and then helped me get the coverage going. She made me feel good about spending 3,000.00 of my... Read more

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WARRANTIES 4 WHEELS WARNING DO NOT BUY A WARRANTY PROGRAM THROUGH WARRANTY 4 WHEELS LITCHFIELD PARK Arizona. They Knowingly are in a Scam operation with Genuine Warranty formerly known as Exotic Warranty Ben Evans Alias Ben Nuon of Genuine Warranty was arraigned in Florida for charges Of Criminal Grand Theft In general, the state of Florida shut him down once for illegal business practices so why not go to a different state and do it all over.... Read more

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